Once more, Americans are in the middle of a year of polarized politics in which candidates sling mud at their opponents.

Complex moral and political issues are addressed in thirty-second soundbytes offering polar opposite solutions. Incendiary e-mails containing partial truths will be forwarded by the millions. And friends and family will find that their relationships are threatened by politics.

We believe that it is possible that Jesus' teaching may hold the key to a better way. In a five-part blog series, I'll look at some of the issues that divide us as a nation. We'll hear from both Republicans and Democrats as we consider the role of government and the role of people of faith in finding solutions to these issues. As we do, we will find that the words of Jesus can lead us to tear down walls and build bridges as we seek a better way to do politics.

As part of this blog series, we are sharing links to Adam's video sermons and a free downloadable leader's guide that summarizes the sermon and is designed to help you lead others through a small group discussion after viewing. You will be able to download the leader's guide on each blog series page.

As our country moves toward November's election, there's never been a better time than now to hear the message of Jesus.

The five-part blog series, Facing Issues That Divide, begins June 29.

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