Making Sense of the Bible Kit

Making Sense of the Bible Kit

Rediscovering the Power of Scripture Today

  • Publication Date Mar 2014
  • Binding Kit
  • ISBN 301167
Denominations from evangelical to mainline continue to experience deep divisions over universal social issues. The underlying debate isn’t about the particular social issue, but instead it is about the "authority of the Bible." Addressing the key questions and hot button issues that plague the church and cultural debate, Hamilton organizes the book according the concerns that matter most:

• What is the Bible?
• The Bible, Science, and History
• The Bible and the Violence of God
• The Bible and Changing Social Values
• The Bible’s Power and Authority Today

Hamilton, for the first time, offers an all-encompassing look at his spiritual views. Here, he proposes a new way of seeing scripture that is more elastic, realistic and human than many conservatives currently see it while more divine and authoritative than many progressives see it. In this way, Making Sense of the Bible helps readers make sense of the Bible and leads them to a deeper appreciation for it, and a desire to read it and live by its precepts.

Kit includes (5) books, leader guide and DVD.

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