I have just returned from a trip retracing Paul's journeys. Our team flew 6,200 miles to get to Perge, Turkey, where we began filming. We then travelled by bus and plane another 2,322 miles, filming for 9 straight days in the ruins of 11 ancient cities.

Today, I'd like to share some photos from Ephesus, Turkey (where Paul spent 27 months of his life in ministry) and Philippi, Greece.


LaVon and I with our guide, Hakan, in Ephesus in front of the Great Theatre where a dramatic story occurs.



The Library of Celsus built just a couple of decades after Paul.



A baptistry from the Mary Church in Ephesus where persons walked down the stairs coming from the west, into the water, and came out the stairs facing the east where the sun rises, symbolic of turning to the Light. This got me thinking about the baptistry in our new sanctuary, which we're just preparing to design.



The "prison cell" in Philippi associated with the arrest of Paul and Silas.



Remembering my baptism in the Zagatos River in Philippi where Lydia and her family were baptized.



You can see all of my travel photos on my Facebook page.



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