In writing Love to Stay, I surveyed more than 5000 adults about their attitudes associated with love, sex, and marriage.
The survey results and comments included some interesting tips and correlations regarding sexual intimacy.
We wanted to know more about the people, aged 20–59, who were involved with each other intimately at least twice a week.
It turned out that 71 percent of these people made it a point to go on a date at least monthly, as compared with an average of less than once a month for survey respondents overall.  Are couples who date regularly more likely to be intimate with each other, or does getting intimate make them want to go out more? Whichever it is, or whether it’s a little of both, clearly there’s a correlation.
We also discovered that 57 percent of the people who were intimate twice a week spent at least 30 minutes a day in conversation, against an overall average of 15 minutes. These folks had learned that physical intimacy leads to quality talk, or perhaps that quality talk leads to greater intimacy. Again, our survey showed a real connection between the two.
Of the people who were intimate twice a week, fully 80 percent attended worship regularly! That’s an interesting statistic. If you look at the responses of people who seldom or never attended worship, they were just one-third as likely to be physically intimate twice a week.

What’s more, it turned out that people who prayed together daily were twice as likely to make love two times a week as those who seldom or never prayed together.

By both these measures, our survey showed a definite correlation between physical intimacy and spiritual intimacy!
Today’s post is an excerpt from my latest release, Love to Stay.


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