A Final Challenge

Worship, Study, Serve, Give and Share: I challenge you to a simple, achievable, measurable, and specific goal using your fingers to remember.

Share — The Power of Reviews

It has never been easier to share our faith with more people, yet we’re often hesitant to do it. Why is that?

Give — Generosity and Joy

Just as we were made to practice generosity together, in community, God also means for it to be a part of the daily rhythm of our lives.

Serve — Here I Am, Lord, Send Me

The words “serve,” “serving,” “service,” and “servant” appear over 1,000 times in the Bible.

The Importance of Listening and Paying Attention

Our primary way of knowing Jesus is through the New Testament, and most clearly and directly through the Gospels.

Worship and Prayer

Worship—and with it, prayer—is the first of the five spiritual practices essential to growing and maturing in our Christian walk.

Introducing "The Walk"

During the next six weeks leading up to Lent, I’ll be sharing excerpts from my new book, "The Walk," here on the blog.

The United Methodist Church I Hope to Serve

My hope is that the next United Methodism removes the language and policies that exclude, harm, or alienate LGBTQ persons.

What's Next for the United Methodist Church?

In the seven weeks since General Conference nearly every committed United Methodist has been asking, What’s next for the UMC?

A New United Methodism?

One conclusion that has consensus among compatibilists and, I think, most incompatibilists: our Church is broken, and we cannot continue as we are.

A Way Backwards: Winning the Battle, Losing the Church

I believe the coalition that leaders of the WCA put together has won a battle at General Conference and may well have lost the church.

A Speech Against …

These last few days the United Methodist Church’s General Conference met in St. Louis, Missouri. Our church is, like the US, made up of...

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