What's Next for the United Methodist Church?

In the seven weeks since General Conference nearly every committed United Methodist has been asking, What’s next for the UMC?

A New United Methodism?

One conclusion that has consensus among compatibilists and, I think, most incompatibilists: our Church is broken, and we cannot continue as we are.

A Way Backwards: Winning the Battle, Losing the Church

I believe the coalition that leaders of the WCA put together has won a battle at General Conference and may well have lost the church.

A Speech Against …

These last few days the United Methodist Church’s General Conference met in St. Louis, Missouri. Our church is, like the US, made up of...

The Bible Says It … That Settles It

Beginning Saturday, February 23, the United Methodist Church is holding a special called session of its General Conference, the official...

Living in the Tension: A Church of the Via Media

Methodism has often been described as a bridge-building faith that holds together, often in tension, what might seem to be opposing impulses.

Living the Good Life

Nobody says, “Give me the mediocre life. Give me the lousy life.” Everybody wants to experience the good life.

Never Having Enough?

It’s been nearly ten years since I first wrote Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity. More than 150,000 readers have found this...

In Support of United Methodist Centrism

A Response to Kevin Watson’s Struggle with Centrism ...

Whole Foods, Cracker Barrel, and The United Methodist Church

Back in 2011 Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report described the political divide in our country in terms of Whole Foods Market and Cracker...

Will It Be Okay? Reflections Following a Divisive Election

One of my good friends, a lifelong Republican, texted me today saying, “Tell me this is going to be okay!!!” I think he captured the feelings of...

Facing Issues That Divide: Christianity and Guns

For American Christians, few issues highlight the intersection of legal rights and faith concerns more sharply than gun ownership and regulation. The...

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